Three Layers Deep. . . .

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For the past decade, our family has been living three layers deep.  A throwback to the Walton’s television series that depicts three generations under one roof.  Since the Great Recession of 2008 – 2009, this method of living has increased.  We caught this trend well before it picked up steam.

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle

Our three layers represent my parents, my wife and I, and our five boys.  Nine people living in the same house.  Cultural standards of the early 21st century would state that anything over five people in a suburban household goes above the “normal” code. . . .and we almost double that stat!  Which could mean we are merely crazy (and that’s been said before) or highly determined to do our own thing.  Probably a little of both.

There’s rarely any middle ground when we explain our current living situation and the conversation almost always starts or hits the same question within a couple minutes:  “Why did you do that?”

Most people try to be polite when asking the question and make a good attempt at hiding the shock while others are much more, well, shocked.  So as our “Three Layers Deep” embarks on a new blog site we thought it best to answer the obvious “why” question first.

The short answer:  I blame my parents.

The long answer:  a whole lot of context surrounding our faith, our lives and our ability to live together.

Three Crazy Generations. . . .

Three Crazy Generations. . . .

Growing up in the Buss household, there were a few constants that never changed.  What we believed, eating at the dinner table and doing things together (whether we wanted to or not).

From the earliest age, my sister and I were saturated with Bible verses, training, and life examples of what it means to truly live for God.  As the years went on, the faith of our parents willingly became our own.  This clearly was the foundation for our “Three Layers Deep” and something we’ll discuss more in the future.

We had to eat some of everything served, clean our plates and have conversation at the table.  With those rules intact, even the despised lima beans entered my mouth while “conversations” my radishes had with each other were the norm.  The constant in all of this though, was that four of us sat at the table almost every night and . . . . talked.

“Mom jumping up and down on the back of the high top van!”  One of our favorite memories of Mom and Dad having a playful back-and-forth on one of our many family vacations.  And then there was the one and only time that Dad “got mad and yelled at us” that solicited a laugh instead of fear from the family.  The memories go on and on and on . . . and create some of the best stories.

So after years of being raised by and with my parents the obvious answer to the “why” question of living Three Layers Deep comes back to my start. . . my parents.

Some might call it an indoctrination, but I prefer to call it a foundation.  My parents set the tone early on that family, and more specifically, people, are not just important but worth investing both your money and your life.  Our current living situation was not an attempt to recreate another families “success story” or to alleviate financial stress or even to make a bold statement to the world.  I am merely the second layer on a firm foundation with the desire that we keep building a solid house, and what better way to do that than living together.

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  1. I have known Stan for years. He has seen me through more than I can remember. My family lives 3 layers deep also. We could not be happier. Lived the stories.

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