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Oh, how I hate spring!

Wait, did I type that? Do I really hate spring?  The season of soft baby chicks, fresh grass, flowering trees, and warm sunshine? The time when life springs forth, and we all celebrate the end of a cold dark winter–do I really hate that and all that it stands for?

Probably not.

I just hate the busyness that invades my house each spring.  My two oldest boys are on the track team, going in different directions to both middle school and high school meets. My third son is on an improv team, plus has piano, so many filled night’s on the calendar are from piano recitals, improv practices and shows.  Did I forget the jazz band concert that Jacob plays in?  I missed the first one, so I can’t miss this last one! Then there’s my husbands schedule.  He’s been to Nashville, San Diego, Rhode Island (twice!) in the last 2 months and heads to Reno this month.  Oh, and did I mention that he does taxes on the side?

And then there’s my responsibilities.  Home school the boys.  Fix healthy meals.  Wash laundry.  Try to keep a orderly house.  Because of the above mentioned craziness, I’ve substantially cut back on any commitments outside of the house.  But, I do teach at a local homeschool coop, and I interpret in ASL at our church. This spring has been especially busy, and I’ve interpreted 9 weeks in a row!

So I hate spring because I’m tired.  I’m counting the days/hours/minutes until some of this craziness ends in late-May.  That’s two more weeks, my friends.  I can hang in there two more weeks.

By now, you are probably a bit confused.  Isn’t this a photography blog circle?  Where are the pictures?  Why is there so much to read?

Hang on.  The pictures are coming.

The pictures.  What pictures? Can I even find my camera under the dust that has settled on it while I’ve been carting kids back and forth to activities?

You’d think I could somehow find the energy to create just 10 photos.  I don’t have time to go to an arboretum.  I don’t have time to set up beautiful still photos.  I don’t have time to take a trip.

But, I do have time to take a walk.  One simple walk with camera in hand, and hiking boots on my feet. It is not very much, but it will have to do.

On Saturday, I managed to find 45 minutes to wander about during the most boring light of the day.  I started walking along the fence line.

I headed up to one of the outbuildings to inspect the damage from a couple of missing roof pieces.  We’ve had a few very strong storms this spring and had quite a bit of damage around our property.

A few wildflowers are in bloom, so I took a few pictures of those, but was disappointed with each.  The wind was blowing, and I was struggling with keeping my focus sharp as the flowers weaved back and forth.

And of course there are dandelions…

I moved out of the sun, trying to find something a bit more creative to play with.  Look up!

At this point, I was frustrated, and about called it a day.  Nothing was striking my fancy.  None of the above pictures are interesting, and none are worth sharing. However, it is a 10 photos on the 10th post, and they tell the story of my walk,  so on the blog they go!

Before I called it quits, the wind inspired me.  I decided to try to capture a bit of movement of the hay bending to the wind.  That was an abysmal failure.  But, it led to trying a bit more experimenting with some panning and a slow shutter speed.

I found that changing directions led to different colors in the sky. 

Or, finding a thin patch of hay and some open ground captured some earthy colors.

Also, after playing for another 30 minutes, I realized that I like the up-and-down panning more than the side-to-side.

In the end, I called the afternoon a success.  No amazing pictures were found on my memory, that’s true, but I created.  I didn’t quit.  I pushed past the moment of frustration to enjoy a few minutes of playing with shutter speed and panning.

Thanks for making it this far in this really LONG post! Head on over to Kristina Rust’s blog where she shares her recent trip to South Africa.


  1. You sure are busy! I’m glad you took out a few minutes for yourself to capture these beautiful images. You’ve inspired me to play around with panning and slow shuttespeed. I LOVE your hay photos. They look like paintings. Here’s to a sloooow summer. xx

  2. Busy lady!! Good for you for taking a pause and getting some good time to do something you love and just take a break – it can be so hard to allow ourselves to do that!
    Happy Mother’s Day — and amazing photos as always xo

  3. I am glad you took your 45 minutes break that saturday, and what a creative input you got 🙂 I love the depth of field in a few of your pictures here. And spring is almost over, please take a deep breath and summer will be upon you 🙂

    Lots of love,
    Trini, Norway

  4. So good that you found some time to get out for a walk and get creative. I think the images came out beautifully and really love the way the photos on the hay fields came out . .. very pretty.

  5. oh kelly, I love some of these. I love the sun burst as well as the panning ones. I’m inspired that you got yourself out there in the borning light and got yourself into the zone for a few moments. That’s dedication. It’s also creativity. Thanks for sharing your too busy life details with the photos. Makes me remember we all go through that at different times. We’re in June now so I hope things are slowing down:-)

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