Farts, Drums and Other Sounds of Life

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Spend time in any family for an extended time and you’ll be amazed at what you hear.  Our family is no different.

With a family of five boys some of the common things we hear are centered on bodily functions or  personal hygiene.

“Ok, who just farted?”  Followed by giggles and then howling laughter from multiple boys.

“Did you brush your teeth. . . . in the last few days?”

“If I can sit here and smell you, it means you need a shower!”

“But I did shower. . . .”  Either Kelly or myself reply, “When?”  “Um. . . .last week.”

“Use deodorant!!  A lot of it!!”

Parents of boys can quickly relate to those above comments.  The more interesting comments deal with the ever present interpersonal relationships, such as:

“He hit me first!”

“I told him to move!”

“Honest, Mom, I don’t how he got that mark on his head.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no blood.”

Or the classic line, “it was [insert the name of anyone but the boy speaking] fault.”

Our family really is no different from others in many of these classic items that echo throughout the house.  Except for one thing – we have three generations under one roof.  Which means that our family sounds include items from my parents and how our family noises impact my parents.

For well over a decade, my parents endured piano lessons from both me and my sister.  Fast forward another generation and this is the common question posed to Jacob, “did you ask Mama and Papa?”

Jake’s drum set has been moved to multiple locations: in the office house, to the dorm room, to the corner of the family room and now to the basement.  Above the basement sits my parents suite.  While his skill has definitely improved and we would classify him as a “good” drummer, getting to “feel the rhythm” under their feet classifies my parents as champs.

Of course, some of the Buss household sounds from the older generation can be just as entertaining as the youngest generation.

“Stanley Dean Buss, where is your cane?”

“In the car. . . . “

“But you’re not in the car.  And don’t you have more than one cane?”

“Yes, but I put my other one some place I wouldn’t forget it.”

Sit at the kitchen table for dinner with the full cadre of nine Buss family members and you will likely here this near the end of the meal:

“Mama, tell us stories about Dad.  Please!”

“Well, there was the time when you Dad did [insert any potentially embarrassing or foolish decision in my life and it gets repeated. . . often]”

In the midst of all these noises however, the silence that takes place often speaks volumes.  Any time there’s a lack of noise from Joey, any adult in the house quickly gets concerned.  A silent look between Kelly and myself can quickly receive one of two comments from Mom:  “Stan, I think we should leave” which comes with a quick about face or “Stan, lets stay and watch” as Mom smiles to relieve the tension.

In addition to all these, our Three Layers Deep has the standard yelling, screaming, cheering, laughing, singing, joking, and much more that echo’s through the halls.  Silence is rare and often feared while simultaneously being a precious commodity.

Life is, and will be, lived out in the open.  One could quickly complain that the lack of privacy cramps family style.  Honestly, I can’t disagree but would throw in this observation as well:  the noise in our house keeps each one open and real.  We see all sides of an individual.  The inexperienced noise of youth gets confronted with the voice of experience.  Selflessness becomes realized through the rhythm of drums, strum of a guitar and bang of a piano.  Laughter keeps us all young and more humble.  And constant conversation helps all of us realize that people truly are more important than things.

Our Three Layers Deep would never be classified as silent.  Some would call it outright loud.  We prefer to say these are the noises of life being truly lived out.

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