The Young’ns


Boy #1 – Jacob Daniel (a.ka. Jake or Jacoby)

The Hair.  Jake’s recent foray into the world of cross country allowed everyone to see his head of hair flapping in the wind and earned him that distinctive title.  He also has the distinction of being the only Buss boy not born in Kansas.  Houston, Texas, was his birth place and where his social nature first started to shine.  Whether it was soccer at an early age or cross country now, Jake’s involvement in activities is as much, if not more, to do with the people involved as it does the activity.  In his early years, his grandfather attempted to teach him a very valuable lesson – “focus”.  While at times he may have lacked focus in some items, he has been highly focused on drums since he was ten years old.  That central passion has allowed him to play at church, with a jazz band and even with his friends start-up band.  As the oldest of five, his social nature has helped him to be a good big brother and even win the occasional hug and kiss from the youngest.

Boy #2 – Jonah David (a.k.a Jo-Jo or just Jo)

Only one to have red hair.  Of course this distinction was only true for the first year of his life.  Since then, he has continued to be the blondest of the bunch.  As a toddler in our home, we would often play the game “where’s Jonah?”  He had a knack of finding the most ingenious hiding places and then choosing not to respond when we went in search.  While his older brother took the drum route, Jonah has gone the way of the guitar.   Starting on the acoustic, he has aspirations to master electric and other forms of the stringed instrument.  If you want a straightforward answer, simply ask Jonah.  If you want to be challenged in a board game that involves money or strategy, play with Jonah.  If you want to know which of the boys would rather stay home than go out, look for Jonah.  He may not always be the most talkative, but get him going and you may see a grin widen across his face.

Boy #3 – Jesse Dale (a.k.a. Jess, Jester)

The Biggest.  At almost 10 lbs. 6 oz., Jesse wins the prize for the largest baby at birth.  Nine years later, Jesse still looks tall for his age and often is mistaken as Buss boy number two.  Stuck in the middle could also accurately describe him.  Two older brothers allow him to get pulled into “big” boy games and adventures while two younger brothers still let him be the young soul playing with Legos and toy guns.  Determined. . . . fiercely determined to the point of desiring perfection.  Whether it is making a new lego design, coloring a picture, running outside, playing a game or doing what he shouldn’t, Jesse rarely ever stops.  This persistent force of will has often drawn a comparison to his father.   That fact could explain why he and I often clash but also are quick to share hugs.

Boy #4 – Jeremiah Dean (a.k.a. ‘Miah, Jerry)

A creative soul.  While only six, the artistic creativity of Jeremiah has been a unique trait among the Buss boys.  Over the past couple years, he has received a dedicated art closet and then a dedicate art corner.  Pictures and inventions from ‘Miah are always intriguing and all an outlet of his creative soul.  His happy heart brings a bright light to the family.  Like his older brothers, he can talk a mile a minute and we often have to make him repeat the extraordinary stories.  Jeremiah also stands alone as being the only Buss boy to diligently work with Papa in the garden and ask to plant his own sunflower seeds in the family garden.  Standing well over six feet tall, the sunflowers of 2014 dwarfed Miah but nothing could hide his excited smile at the site of “his sunflowers.”  Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up and the answers will range from artist to archer to farmer to scientist to drummer to many other items.  The creative soul runs deep and opens the door for multiple future opportunities.

Boy #5 – Joseph Deron (a.k.a “D”, The D miester, The D Monster, or merely Joey)

Hard to imagine that the last of the Buss boy clan has the most energy but it appears (or at least feels) to be the case. With four big brothers, Joey has several playmates while also hearing the common phrase, “Do I have to play with Joey?”  He has become the boy who visits Mom and Dad’s room the most during the night, has been the only child that refused to go into Sunday School, has screamed the most, has challenged our parenting skills and been the one to limit our ability to escape home for a vacation.  But he’s also the one to always say “I Love You”, run outside into the driveway if I fail to  say goodbye and give him a hug, the one with a grin that makes you smile, and the one who has definitely provided a majority of our family stories.  Without D, our family would not be complete and for that, we are eternally grateful.