Stuck in the Middle




JD buss

Ever attended a large conference or social event and met multiple new people?  If you are a male, one of the first two questions that usually comes up in such conversations are “Where do you work?” or “What do you do?”  This question appears to ultimately define whoever answers.  “I’m a doctor, lawyer, CPA, broker, manager,” and the list goes on and on and on.  Whatever the description, that typically defines a man.

Before putting a label out there, one should really ask, “what truly defines a man?”  Am I a husband, father, son, brother, CPA, co-worker, employee, manager, reader, friend, novice golfer, wanna-be runner, basketball fan, or even a writer?

Yes – all that.  But that doesn’t truly define me.

Where did I grow up?  Where do I live? and Where have I been?  Another series of questions that often follow the classic “where do you work.”  Most of my life has been in the land of Dorothy and Toto with some stints in southwest Missouri and Houston, Texas.  Over the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to multiple cities across the U.S.   In my lifetime to date, I have ventured out of the U.S. three times – China, Canada and Belize.

Again, great information but still not what truly defines me.

The list of questions could go on and on.  In an effort for full transparency, I must admit to falling into the trap of defining myself and others merely by all of the above questions.

So who is this crazy guy Stuck in the Middle and writing for Three Layers Deep?

Now, I am a servant of the King.  This has not always been the case but now I am privileged to bend the knee and bow the head to the One who deserves all praise.  Defining oneself as a servant certainly lacks personal glory and runs highly counter cultural to present day America.

But in our world of relativism that sends young and old in a search to “find themselves” I have found stability, peace, comfort, grace, provision, and much more from the Creator who freely gives and only asks for an obedient heart.

Multiple names and adjectives can be used to describe my actions but the true definition for Jeremy Buss lies not in myself but in God who has offered more than I can comprehend.  Because of that, I gladly bear the moniker of servant for my King.


Kelly Buss


Kelly Buss. . . .

Sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile will most likely greet anyone who comes into contact with my wife, Kelly.  I’m sure there could be some bias in my view, but I think she’s a fantastic lady and someone we are privileged to have in the family.

Wife, homeschool teacher, cook, wrangler of five active boys on a daily basis, and much more.  A Masters in Math, amateur photographer, foodie, organic researcher, and animal lover.

If she lack knowledge in a new interest or hobby, it  merely requires a trip to the library and a stack of books to teach herself.  Recently her quest to become a more active runner has prompted a rash of books to improve running form and help her go longer distances.

Organized.  No, she is not what one would classify as a “neat freak” where every item has a place and everyone fears when an item goes astray.  Her organization gets its origin out of a desire for efficiency and simplification.  One of our first and most common closet rules, “If you haven’t worn the item in the last year, it goes.”  One of the next common organization question, “Do you really need this?” is the voice of accountability for those who may like to keep unnecessary items.  This exceptional skill helps keep our busy household from drowning in the chaos of “stuff”.

Beyond all these wonderful traits, Kelly’s real beauty and passion comes from the joy in her heart.  Amongst the many books she rapidly flies through, one will easily see her Bible and several books focused on a personal relationship with God.  This passion is intertwined in our family life as everyday joys, challenges and conflicts are turned into opportunities to teach truth about the character of God.

Is she perfect? No, and she would be the first to admit it.  But she is the perfect fit for me and our family.