The Wise


Papa. . . . 

The patriarch, the important first layer, is Stanley Dean Buss, fondly known as Papa to his grandchildren and “the cutest guy in the whole world” to his wife. The first eighteen years of his life were spent on a farm in Holton, KS. He started steering a tractor at age 3, worked on a neighbor’s farm at age 12, raised pigs to pay for college, and started his banking career at 16 at the local bank. These various jobs may help explain his tireless work ethic; if there is something to be done – let’s do it NOW!

He married mom right before his senior year at K-State. Following graduation, he went into the Army and was stationed in VA and AK. Once out, they moved to the Stanley area of KS, started our family, and worked. Stan has spent years working with people, in a bank, for the FDIC, RTC, and finally in his own accounting business. All this time, he was also active in his church.

The above are the bare bones of Papa’s life, but what is truly important is who he is. He loves the Lord and shows it in his life. He is patient (if he gets angry be assured the world is falling apart!), loves to help people, keeps a positive attitude (even cancer didn’t stop him), and is a very calming influence. There are one or two things that at times may cause a “slight” irritation, he has no sense of time and does things that physically he should think about first and ask for help. Oh, I forgot to mention the puns – don’t ask – they are “PUN-ishment for us.

There is much more that could be shared, but suffice it to say, Stan, Dad, Papa – brings a steadiness to our family that helps to guide us in our 3 layers deep.

Mama . . . . 

Mom, the other half of the first layer, grew up in New Jersey, moved to Kansas at the beginning of high school. On command, she can still speak “Joysie.” She attended K-State, studying to become a secondary English teacher, met dad, married, and graduated with a teaching degree. Once in Stanley, she was a full time mother with occasional substituting jobs. She was also very active in church. When I was in 10th grade Mom started teaching full time at the Christian school I attended. After teaching, she moved into the office becoming the church and school secretary. Now retired, she is a full time grandma.

Those are her bare bone facts, but they do not portray an accurate picture of who she is. In fact, they make her sound normal and ordinary. Think again. Mom, like Dad, has a positive attitude with a sense of humor than can border on the ridiculous. She has no qualms about stretching the truth to enhance a story; knows correct etiquette and tries to teach the grandsons how to behave at the dinner table and will then turn around and put Oreo cookies behind her glasses or declare that waffles need ice cream to be edible; and she is not above bribing a grandchild to help her complete a project that she knows would receive a loud “NO” if we knew about it. Basically, she lives in her own world where she is tall, 23 years old, and able to paint walls 16 feet tall. Did I mention that she thinks computers are the tool of the devil?

But let me round out the picture, Mom also loves the Lord and strives to serve Him and others in her daily life. “Will it matter in eternity?” is her motto. As she has matured (nice way to say gotten old), she has grown in patience and understanding and is part of the glue that holds our 3 layers deep together.