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Last month, I shared with you a glimpse of my boys, so this month I’m turning the lens on myself and sharing a few of my favorite self-portraits.  At this point, no one else in my family has the same passion for photography as me.  If I want to be in the picture, I have to take it myself!

My first self-portrait, 2009.  Taken back when I carried my camera everywhere, I noticed the light reflecting off the large mirror at the local salon.

At my desk. I take a lot of photos at my desk because I spend a lot of time there! I try to find creative angles and new looks to capture my routines in my office.

Another at my desk, but this time I’m probably wasting time on Facebook.  I liked how the light fell off my cheek.

Doing chores. My house is quite dark, so most of my self portraits inside have a lot of contrast with the light.

At my kitchen sink.  I spend so much of my time each day standing in this place.  I can see the trampoline, the basketball goal, the swings, and the boys biking our circle drive.  I watch them, I was dishes, I fret, and then I pray over them.

With Jeremiah. This day, Jeremiah read his first paragraphs.  We were so happy, and I wanted to capture the joy and pride we both felt!

With all my boys.  I tried to get the perfect group shot for a gift for JD, but couldn’t ever get Joey to smile.  I still love his little, sad face though.

With friends. At Firefly Camp with longtime friends, Katrina and Carol, we played with light, focus, laughter and wine.  Memories of these four days always make me smile.

Just me.  While I was at Firefly camp, I participated in a class on self-portraits.  This was my favorite.  One eye peeking out, blonde curls hiding the other.

Now head over to my friend, Erica’s blog Everyday Erica. I met Erica while I was in Sonoma at the Firefly Camp for Women Photographers last November. She focuses on food photography and always has something yummy to share!



  1. Hey Kelly,
    I love these self portraits. I just started experimenting with that a few weeks ago. I love how you’re capturing the mundane parts of your life. Ironing – and at your desk. I’m going to try that! xo

    • Thanks, Jen! I look forward to seeing how you capture yourself!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    what a sweet blog post, and I love the idea to present ourselves with self portraits. I love a couple of them, special the one where you stand in the kitchen looking out with the cup of something hot. And the one with your lovely boys and you. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Lots of Love from Trini in Norway

    • Thanks, Trini!

  3. So great to see you in your photos. I especially love the image of you and your boys. What a handsome group. And I love how the light is falling on your face in the shot of you gazing (maybe at FB?? 🙂 ) as well as the light where you are ironing. I think it is so important to get in those photos and capture the everyday moments (with you in it) like you did. You’ve inspired me to try and do more of the same.

    • I’d love to see anything you capture!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful glimpse into YOU! Beautiful light and such honest photos!

  5. I love your idea about self portraits, and I the photo of you with the nice “cheek” light is my favorite

  6. Oh its so good to see you! What a great project. I rarely have the courage to set the camera on myself, but we grow in the uncomfortable, right? Nice work! Love the pic of you a your boys.

  7. Hi Kelly, my favorit is the one where you are holding the cup – it tells a story. I also remember that moment at firefly institute and I can spot myself in the background. Lovely post! B

  8. This is great. All the images came out wonderful–I love the ones inside your house when you are doing ordinary things and I think having a dark house makes for interesting shots.

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