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If you start a conversation with me regarding running, photography, dyslexia, clean-eating, or traveling, you’ll probably learn a few things and move on.  But, if you ask me about my boys, prepare yourself for the onslaught of a proud, mama-bear ready to share too many details about her ever-changing sons.  So, sit back, grab your coffee, and meet my sons.

Say hello to Jacob.

A junior in high school, he attends the local community college full-time. He’s the drummer in the family, and his skill is being recognized. He plays in the jazz band at Johnson County Community College and for our church, and has filled in at another church. Jacob also has found a place running Cross Country and long-distance on the track team for Christ Prep Academy.


Meet Jonah.

At 13, Jonah is starting to stretch his wings a bit. He doesn’t like attention or the camera lens pointed at him, and I’m sometimes asked why I don’t post more about Jonah on social media. He plays the guitar and loves anything football. His knowledge about football teams, players, stats, games, etc. is amazing to me. Recently, he started checking out books from the library about football, and now I regularly hear more about football than before.

And then there’s Jesse.

He’s almost 12, just 17 months behind Jonah.  Jesse loves all things musical–the piano, Pandora stations, theater.  He was given a piano book with songs from the musical “Hamilton,”  and he spends a great deal of his day working through he syncopated music from it.  Jesse also loves to cook.  It’s hard for an organized, clean-freak mom to let a kiddo have free reign into the kitchen, but I’ve been trying to let go and just let him experience the kitchen and cooking in his way.  He’s made chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and this week, he made Ugandan Vanilla Ice Cream.  By the way, it’s amazing.

My sweet Jeremiah.

He’s so very tall for his 8 years old that people have a hard time believing his age! He’s calm and gentle, unless he’s trying to hold his own with his brothers. Right now, so much of what Jeremiah is experiencing revolves around his dyslexia. Since his reading is coming slowly, we spend much of our day together with me helping him. Even when he works alone, he stays near me, ready to ask for help for reading or spelling an unknown word. He’s an artist who thinks in color, and his view of the world always amazes me.

Finally, there’s independent Joey.

Somehow, in spite of 8 other people in the house to tell him what to do, he’s learned to be very independent. He energetic, but cuddly. He’s loveable and exasperating. He’s intelligent, but stubborn. He fights to make sure he gets my attention, begging me to do school work with him everyday or sit and read him a book.  I can’t wait to see who he becomes as he grows.


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  1. Hello Kelly,
    What awesome boys you have – and how incredible nice way you present them to us readers. Lovely pictures and it amazes me how different they are, despite growing up in the same family. This is fabulous. Looking forward getting to know you and your family more

    Love from Trini in Norway

  2. What a beautiful way a mother insightfully describes and loves her family! I love how you love your children and home and express that so eloquently to the world! So thankful for your life lives in Christ! ❤

  3. Wow! You have your hands full with the J-Team! What gorgeous boys they are and such individuals! I love that there is music in your home, and I guess they could have a band! The photos are so gorgeous. What treasures you will forever have in the way you capture them. Looking forward to seeing more, Kelly!

  4. What a handsome brood you have. How wonderful that they are all so musical…they’ll need to start their own band! I love how you captured their personalities through your beautiful photos.

  5. Thank you so much for introducing us to the men in your life! I love this – an they seem fantastic. What talent!

  6. Hi Kelly! Thank you for introducing your beautiful family! I can feel the love you have for them through your words and images, which by the way are gorgeous. Looking forward to see more of you all!

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